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The frugal repo.

DIY recipes and frugal living

In behavioral science, frugality has been defined as the tendency to acquire goods and services in a restrained manner, and resourceful use of already owned economic goods and services, to achieve a longer term goal. In other words..."use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without"

this is a collaboration of recipes from /DIY, expanded to include a primer on frugal living. contributions should be in plaintext format.
PDF accepted when necessary.

General Guidelines:

  • Bread recipes should be in bakers ratios or percentages
  • Keep things in metric when possible.
  • If it feels like something you'd find Guy Fieri or Paula Deen trying to cook or eat, try to avoid it.
  • Avoid recipes that are over-reliant on prepared items. this is DIY, not Sandra Lee's Kwanzaa Cake...
  • no links to specific products.

why a GIT?

Most websites on this topic are clickbait masquerading as a legitimate ideas for frugal living. Pay close attention, the first thing most of these blogs/vlogs/sockpuppet theatre articles do is attempt to provide you with a product or service you can click on to order. Buying things != frugal living. GIT does not support sexy marketing tie-ins or branding, so its much easier to quickly convey the form and function of frugality.

some of this seems time consuming and inefficient.

The goal of this repository is not to make an economic build/buy argument, but to sidestep the predatory and increasingly harmful culture of consumerism driven by large multinational corporations.


better explanation of some recipes and how to cook them.


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