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Restore a SQL backup from S3 to PostgresSQL


This will potentially put your database in a very bad state or complete destroy your data, be very careful.


This is made to restore a backup made from postgres-backup-s3, if you backup came from somewhere else please check your format.

  • Your s3 bucket must only contain backups which you wish to restore - it will always grabs the 'latest' based on unix sort with no filtering
  • They must be gzip encoded text sql files
  • If your bucket has more than a 1000 files the latest may not be restore, only one s3 ls command is made



$ docker run -e S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID=key -e S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=secret -e S3_BUCKET=my-bucket -e S3_PREFIX=backup -e POSTGRES_DATABASE=dbname -e POSTGRES_USER=user -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=password -e POSTGRES_HOST=localhost schickling/postgres-restore-s3

Dropping public

If you wish to drop the public schema (drop schema public cascade; create schema public) then set the environment variable DROP_PUBLIC=yes. This is useful for situations where you wish to restore a database which currently has data / schemas in it.