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Anny Chagas a83cacc771
Add port binding in the mailcatcher documentation (#158) 9 months ago
Matías García Isaía b434fc163c
Support extra options in mysql-backup-s3's dump (#157) 9 months ago
Michael Bianco 710e3fe263
buildx config on devcontainer 11 months ago
Michael Bianco 7b8a3416d2
Removing travis ci 11 months ago
ajctrl ec69104d8f
encrypt after pg_dump (#156) 11 months ago
Michael Bianco 801a136b44
Adding devcontainer 11 months ago
David Sierra DiazGranados 5a0d364159
Fix backup.sh (#154) 1 year ago
Denis 616e7c73cd
Fixed SCHEDULE EV description (#147) 1 year ago
Matías García Isaía c6e19eec80
Allow to opt-out of S3 bucket creation in mysql-backup (#153) 1 year ago
Mike Bianco 6506a9c0b1 Adding encryption option to postgres s3 backup 1 year ago
Daniele De Lorenzi 591b3bcd44
[FIX] Typo in apk add command (#150) 1 year ago
Markus Bachmann 7032c4adc8
Add support for MySQL 8.0 (#149) 1 year ago
Taro Matsuzawa aka. btm 88416a56c8
bump ruby and mailcatcher versions (#148) 1 year ago
Jérémy DECOOL f23c297ac8
Docker images improvement (#145) 1 year ago
Csaba Sulyok b041c03909
attempt to create s3 bucket automatically if not found (#140) 2 years ago
Gregor Riepl f7e74db8d2
Removed --insecure parameter from curl commands (#143) 2 years ago
Georg Ledermann 1e49b4634a
Update Alpine to 3.15 to support PostgreSQL 14 (#138) 2 years ago
Alex Kulikovskikh 35e560069a
Update postgres-backup-s3 (#127) 2 years ago
xobotyi b4084c3d06 chore: bump beanstalkd version to the latetst (1.11); 4 years ago
Sam Hopwell 0252da6221 Support for http-path 2 years ago
maik-s 30127705cc Update Dockerfile 4 years ago
Donal Byrne b6cc872ced Added to all scripts 5 years ago
Michael Bianco 588291ba4d
Merge pull request #136 from iloveitaly/fix-mysql 2 years ago
Michael Bianco 27016fe436
Merge pull request #124 from hdf1986/patch-1 2 years ago
Michael Bianco 41188388cf Use python3, remove go-cron, and use builtin cron 2 years ago
Michael Bianco f17af7f5ae Eliminate space in shebang 2 years ago
Hugo David Farji 6d8b469f95
Update README.md 4 years ago
Olivier Cuypers 29f00f74e7
Merge pull request #111 from flyte/master 5 years ago
Ellis Percival e3715ddf35 Update alpine from 3.7 to 3.9 5 years ago
Olivier Cuypers b7a6da71c6
Merge pull request #101 from robwithhair/master 5 years ago
Rob Harrison 58e8830f1c Added static filename to list of environment variable options 5 years ago
Johannes Schickling a39718a3a7
Merge pull request #99 from SamMousa/patch-1 5 years ago
Johannes Schickling d572209166
Merge pull request #100 from schickling/add-s3cmd-schedule 5 years ago
Olivier Cuypers 909afc80cb Add s3cmd scheduling for automatic backup 5 years ago
Sam d5b3d6a780
Update README.md 5 years ago
Sam b13d5e6af2
Reduce image size and useless process 5 years ago
Johannes Schickling 498d19aafd
Merge pull request #96 from neclimdul/smaller-swagger-image 5 years ago
James Gilliland b34479f928 Use one RUN to optimize layering 5 years ago
Pirmin Kalberer 12656a3d2b Set PATH for cargo/rustc 6 years ago
Johannes Schickling f3df5ff1bd
Merge pull request #94 from pka/rustup 6 years ago
Pirmin Kalberer b9cc9a5346 Use rustup for Rust installation 6 years ago
Johannes Schickling 467b365116
Merge pull request #92 from kshilovskiy/master 6 years ago
Konstantin Shilovskiy ce7af27ab9 Use latest alpine versions 6 years ago
Johannes Schickling 8cdd445093
Merge pull request #91 from pka/master 6 years ago
Pirmin Kalberer 7dbb3dfd87 Run install.sh without chmod +x 6 years ago
Pirmin Kalberer fecd6f1a0b Workaround for ./install.sh: Text file busy 6 years ago
Johannes Schickling d50cc6515c
Merge pull request #90 from hoax/master 6 years ago
Tobias Mayer 55cd7d8d89 added --no-quit to remove quit-button in web ui 6 years ago
Johannes Schickling 2cef7718b6 Merge pull request #85 from Lctrs/fix/deprecated 6 years ago
Jérôme Parmentier c2c45be6bb Replace deprecated MAINTAINER by LABEL 6 years ago