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Backup MySQL to S3 (supports periodic backups & mutli files)

Basic usage

$ docker run -e S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID=key -e S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=secret -e S3_BUCKET=my-bucket -e S3_PREFIX=backup -e MYSQL_USER=user -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=password -e MYSQL_HOST=localhost schickling/mysql-backup-s3

Environment variables

  • MYSQLDUMP_OPTIONS mysqldump options (default: --quote-names --quick --add-drop-table --add-locks --allow-keywords --disable-keys --extended-insert --single-transaction --create-options --comments --net_buffer_length=16384)
  • MYSQLDUMP_EXTRA_OPTIONS add mysqldump options without overriding the default MYSQLDUMP_OPTIONS (default: empty)
  • MYSQLDUMP_DATABASE list of databases you want to backup (default: --all-databases)
  • MYSQL_HOST the mysql host required
  • MYSQL_PORT the mysql port (default: 3306)
  • MYSQL_USER the mysql user required
  • MYSQL_PASSWORD the mysql password required
  • S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID your AWS access key required
  • S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY your AWS secret key required
  • S3_BUCKET your AWS S3 bucket path required
  • S3_PREFIX path prefix in your bucket (default: 'backup')
  • S3_FILENAME a consistent filename to overwrite with your backup. If not set will use a timestamp.
  • S3_REGION the AWS S3 bucket region (default: us-west-1)
  • S3_ENDPOINT the AWS Endpoint URL, for S3 Compliant APIs such as minio (default: none)
  • S3_ENSURE_BUCKET_EXISTS set to no to assume the bucket exists, avoiding the need of S3 read permissions (default: yes)
  • S3_S3V4 set to yes to enable AWS Signature Version 4, required for minio servers (default: no)
  • MULTI_FILES Allow to have one file per database if set yes default: no)
  • SCHEDULE backup schedule time in cron format like 7 2,14 * * *