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ci: let's just see if we can get them building for now
9 months ago
Dockerfile bump ruby and mailcatcher versions (#148) 2 years ago Add port binding in the mailcatcher documentation (#158) 2 years ago


Extra small mailcatcher image (261.9 MB)


$ docker run -d -p 1080:1080 -p 1025:1025 --name mailcatcher schickling/mailcatcher

Link the container to another container and use the mailcatcher SMTP port 1025 via a ENV variable like $MAILCATCHER_PORT_1025_TCP_ADDR.

HTTP Path Support

You can run the web interface under a different root by specifying the environmental variable HTTPPATH. This can be used if you're proxying the incoming connection.

$ docker run -d -p 1080:1080 -e HTTPPATH="mailcatcher" --name mailcatcher schickling/mailcatcher