Mumble docker container
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Docker mumble

Docker image for mumble server.

Running the Container

In order to persist configuration data when upgrading your container you should create a named data volume. This is not required but is highly recommended.

docker volume create --name mumble-data

After the data volume has been created run the server container with the named data volume:

docker run -d -p 64738:64738 -p 64738:64738/udp -v mumble-data:/etc/mumble --name mumble-server sothr/mumble:latest

Optional 'docker run' arguments

-e TZ=America/Phoenix - Set the timezone for your server. You can find your timezone in this list of timezones. Use the (case sensitive) value from the TZ column. If left unset, timezone will be UTC.

--restart unless-stopped - Always restart the container regardless of the exit status, but do not start it on daemon startup if the container has been put to a stopped state before. See the Docker restart policies for additional details.

Get/Set the SuperUser Password

After starting your container, you can get the randomly generated SuperUser password with:

docker logs mumble-server 2>&1 | grep "Password for 'SuperUser'"

--- OR ---

Manually set a new SuperUser password with:

docker exec -it mumble-server supw

NOTE: This can be run at any time to update the SuperUser password

Edit the Config

Once you have a running container, you can edit the config with:

docker exec -it mumble-server vi /etc/mumble/config.ini

After saving changes, restart your container:

docker restart mumble-server

This project is licensed under the MIT License.