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Simple collection of my standard machine configuration files and scripts


Act as a central repository for the basic configuration I use for my development and personal machines. Also include scripts for the basic setup for each of my standard environments.


scripts/ is the script that does the basic linking of the dotfiles in the home directory along with the vim plugins

scripts/installers/ is a script for arch linux to install the basic tools needed on my workstations

a ~/ script will be added to the home directory to automatically try and update the dotfiles git directory as soon as possible.

More To Be Added.


  • Make the .update_dotfiles script smarter in how it updates
  • Work on emacs configuration
  • Break features out into subscripts so that .zshrc can be reduced in size and just sub contract work out to the feature scripts
  • Add support for additional environments


The included scripts and configurations are licensed under the MIT license. For additional information please see the LICENSE file in this directory.