Tooling for managing asset compression, storage, and retrieval
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import hashlib
import io
import logging
# Size of the buffer to read files with
BUF_SIZE = 4096
LOG = logging.getLogger("acm.utility")
def get_string_sha256sum(content: str, encoding='utf-8') -> str:
sha256sum = hashlib.sha256()
with io.BytesIO(content.encode(encoding)) as c:
for byte_block in iter(lambda:, b''):
return sha256sum.hexdigest()
def get_string_hex(content: str) -> hex:
return hex(int(content, base=16))
def get_hex_xor(first: hex, second: hex) -> hex:
return hex(int(first, base=16) ^ int(second, base=16))
def get_string_xor(first: str, second: str, *extra: str) -> str:
result = get_hex_xor(get_string_hex(first), get_string_hex(second))
for next_hex in extra:
result = get_hex_xor(result, get_string_hex(next_hex))
return str(result)